Peace, Love, and Hope


Galleri UrbanePeace, Love & Hope

For Peace, Love & Hope, Galleri Urbane brings together the work of three woman artists. Utilizing an abstract approach, each artist creates work that encourages an introspective experience to inspire moments of reflection. B. Chehayeb (Brooklyn, NY) paints gestural pieces on paper, panel, and canvas that serve as visual diaries for recalled memories and experiences. Images alongside stories and writings partner to develop a dialogue that is primarily concerned with nostalgia’s mysterious and transfiguring power. Iren Tete (Gainesville, FL) creates ceramic and porcelain sculptures that meditate on the magical potential found in spaces where logic leaves gaps. Tete invites viewers to reflect on these circumstances through a poetic implementation of color, form, surface and space. Anna Kunz (Chicago, IL) constructs immersive, painting-based installations from suspended translucent materials, wall paintings and works on canvas. In the paintings on canvas, Kunz delicately layers paint in a way that mimics the interactions of colored light. 

Please feel free to contact the gallery directly with any questions or to request a list of additional available work by any of the artists found below.

Galleri Urbane has been promoting the work of contemporary artists since 2000. With a location in Marfa from 2003-2019, the gallery has maintained its primary exhibition space in Dallas since 2009. Its program champions emerging artists who are getting their start in the field alongside well-established artists whose work can be found in prestigious private and public collections around the world. Through its exhibitions, the gallery advocates for fresh approaches to painting, mixed-media, sculpture, photography, and genre-defying artworks. Galleri Urbane ultimately seeks to connect its artists with all levels of collectors through a wide range of visually and intellectually stimulating art objects.

Nancy Littlejohn Fine ArtPromise of a New Day

Scooter LaForge is a New York-based artist who is showcasing two series of works titled East Village Flowers and Elsewhere on Culture Place. LaForge writes, "The East Village Flowers series is inspired by wildflowers I see while running in Manhattan’s East River Park. This space, on the edge of the East Village neighborhood, is my refuge. During the summer, I collect dried flowers there to make arrangements in my studio. Mixing dried and fresh blooms, I make tableaux for my paintings. I love nature in tandem with the city, and I am fortunate to live near a river flanked by a beautiful park." The Elsewhere series was inspired by his residency at the Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The works are informed by ‘automatic drawing,’ a method championed by Dadaists, who adapted André Breton’s automatic writing practice into mark-making during the early 20th century. Breton defined Surrealism as “pure psychic automatism.” Hilma af Klimt, Joan Miró, and Pablo Picasso are some of the artists who have expressed themselves through automatic art-making. 

LaForge surrenders rational control in the making of psychic paintings. Accident and chance are integral to his art-making process in general—whether making paintings, combines, or sculptures. His works are a walking journal of images where ideas are explored and refined. LaForge approaches painting intuitively, absorbing what surrounds him and working on the canvas with agility and focus—drawing from a fertile inneremotional realm and an extensive painterly vocabulary.

His paintings have been shown at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York, the Friedrichshof Museum in Vienna, and the Spritmuseum/Absolut Art Collection in Sweden. 

NLFA gives the Houston arts community well-deserved recognition in the National and International art world. Bringing 30 years of experience as a patron, collector, art advisor, and gallerist, Littlejohn delivers an experience unlike anything you’ve seen. In 1998 she opened what has been noted as the most avant-garde gallery in Texas, bravely showcasing emerging talent through exhibitions, performances, and thoughtfully curated multi-disciplinary events. Today, NLFA represents the very best Nationally and Internationally recognized established and emerging contemporary artists.

Nestled in the exclusive River Oaks neighborhood in Houston, Texas, Nancy Littlejohn thoughtfully renovated the 5,000 square foot modernist masterpiece originally designed and occupied by world-renowned architect S.I. Morris in the early 1970s. “Seth Irvin Morris and his architectural firm left a timeless imprint on the Houston skyline, from the first-of-it’s-kind Astrodome to downtown’s trapezoidal Pennzoil Place skyscraper to the Williams Tower that looms high over the Galleria”. NLFA is a destination surrounded by the city’s best boutique design firms, antique emporiums, flower shops, and restaurants.

Ms. Littlejohn’s civic work includes serving as a board member of the Houston Symphony and past board president of the Houston Symphony League, board member of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the Blaffer Art Museum University of Houston, the Moores School of Music University of Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Guild, Lawndale Art Center, the advisory board of the Houston Arts Alliance and the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance. Littlejohn has also been recognized for her work with the AIDS Foundation Houston, Escape Family Resource Center, FotoFest International, Houston Art League, Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens of the MFAH, and the Rothko Chapel.

Cris Worley Fine ArtsCWFA Celebrates 10 years

CWFA proudly presents works embodying the theme of Peace, Love & Hope, by gallery artists: Isabelle du Toit, Kelli Vance, and Marc Dennis.

Established in 2010, Cris Worley Fine Arts is dedicated to promoting innovative work by contemporary artists at various stages of their careers. The gallery’s dynamic approach to fostering artistic growth includes the presentation of compelling exhibitions, and collaborations with public institutions, professional art organizations, and collectors.

For two decades, Cris Worley has contributed to national art dialogues as a gallery director participating in art fairs, as a guest juror for numerous exhibitions, and as an esteemed art advisor. As a charter member of the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas, Cris Worley has played a vital role in the vigorous growth of the Dallas arts community, encouraging the evolution of contemporary art collections.

Bill ArningLove (Maybe) and Peace (Possibly) but always Hope

Bill Arning Exhibitons just transformed from a roving curatorial project to a bricks andf mortar space in the Montrose area of Houston, the artistic spiritual home for the city. For the theme of Peace Hope and Love I am showing the itimate word based pieces rooted in simultniously humorous and poignant social commentary by Chicago Based Eris Stefanski, The media future glow of Michael St John's Democracy paintings and the fortitude of a deep spiritual path manifested in Alfonse Borysewicz's constructed paintings.


Bill Arning has done everything with contemporary art but make it. As a curator, critic, museum director, advisor, lecturer, grant maker, dealer, gallerist and collector, Bill Arning Exhibitions curatorial project space will give the fullest expression to his vision for what art can do to our hearts, minds and souls.

Erin Cluley GalleryErin Cluley Gallery

Erin Cluley Galley is pleased to present a selection of works from René Treviño. Based in Baltimore, MD, Treviño was the gallery's inaugural exhibiting artist in 2014 and has kept a strong presence within the gallery roster. Throughout Treviño's work are themes of identity reflecting his interest in challenging the traditional ideas of race and sexual orientation. He feels strongly about creating thoughtful and beautiful work that confronts societal assumptions and gives new insight into the human experience. His artwork addresses a personal quest for heroism and bravery as well as a need to define his place in the world.


In 2014, Erin Cluley Gallery ignited a creative movement in West Dallas acting as a hub for visual arts and community engagement. After nearly five years on Fabrication Street, the gallery has moved its operation to Riverbend – a development in Dallas’ Design District celebrating the intersection between culture and commerce. The gallery prides itself in an ongoing program of emerging, mid-career, and established artists from Dallas and the United States presenting a provocative roster of artists working in both traditional and alternative forms including painting, sculpture, new media, photography, sculptural installation and public intervention.

Foto RelevanceSelections: Peace, Love, and Hope

We are excited to present this selection of curated works from two of our gallery artists: Lou Peralta and Alia Ali. Peralta, a Mexican citizen living in Mexico City, creates are that deals with cultural heritage and the sense of pride in being part of a larger community. There is a peacefulness in belonging, a love for one's community, and a hope for the future and growth. Ali is a Yemeni-Bosnian-US artist whose images of obscured figures in saturated colors and hyperoptic motifs are escapist dreamscapes existing at a nexus in which politics, economics, and histories collide.

Foto Relevance exhibits museum-quality, contemporary photo-based art and provides a platform for an innovative selection of American and international photographic artists. The gallery has mounted monographic exhibitions as well as group shows to investigate current trends and themes in contemporary art, showcasing an unusual range of both darkroom and digital photographic techniques. Foto Relevance provides guidance and consultation, educating collectors and corporations in the acquisition and sale of art.

Contact: | 713-505-1499

Lou Peralta
Disassemble #41, 2019
Available: $5,500
Alia Ali
الذات (aldhat, 2.1), حب (ḥub)//LOVE Series, 2021, 2021
Available: $5,000
Lou Peralta
Comalli #11, 2020
Available: $3,500
Lou Peralta
Disassemble #23, 2018
Available: $2,250
Lou Peralta
Comalli #6, 2020
Available: $3,500
Lou Peralta
Disassemble #49, 2019
Available: $1,200

Inman GalleryJana Vander Lee at Inman Gallery

“My weavings are meant to give people hope, to give people comfort, and to inspire and challenge people to think deeper and do more.” 

--Jana Vander Lee

Jana Vander Lee is an American artist-weaver who came out of the craft-heavy regional guild system. She successfully integrated her tapestries into the male-dominated fine art scene in Houston starting in the late 1960s and her work was widely exhibited in the region during this time. Comprising large and medium scale tapestries, her work was inspired by her early life in the Dutch Calvinist church, travels to the American Southwest to study Navajo weaving, and her deep knowledge of the American Fiber Arts tradition through self-education. An artist, writer, curator and community organizer, Vander Lee was instrumental in organizing important exhibitions that introduced fiber art into the mainstream fine art scene in Houston into the 1980s. The artist suffered eyesight problems in the mid-90s but has recently recovered, allowing her to begin her practice anew. 

Vander Lee’s woven abstractions reference deeply personal, symbolic themes. The titles allude to an iconography that is at once both personal and universal, meant to inspire peace, love and hope in the viewer.


About Inman Gallery: Founded in 1990 with an emphasis on artists living in Houston and the region, Inman Gallery has since cultivated an internationally recognized program that represents contemporary artists from the region, nationally, and abroad. The gallery takes an active approach in supporting artists from the early stages of their careers into national and international recognition; the gallery is equally active in its local community. Education, community engagement, and a long-term commitment to artists form the core of the gallery’s mission. Celebrating the gallery's 30th anniversary this fall, we welcome visitors by appointment.

Inman Gallery has been a member of the ADAA since 2009.

McClain GalleryPeace, Love & Hope

McClain Gallery presents a group of works by Brendan Cass, Kent Dorn, Deborah Kass, Aaron Parazette, and Ping Zheng. 

McClain Gallery’s program represents important twentieth-century figures while continuing to commit to younger generations of artists, which includes primary representation of many Texas-based artists. The gallery has mounted monographic exhibitions, as well as published scholarly catalogs for Peter Halley, Donald Baechler, Elaine Reichek, Andy Warhol, Robert Motherwell, Rosa Loy, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Julian Schnabel, Bo Joseph and Pablo Picasso. Our exhibition program is augmented by survey and group shows that investigate current themes in contemporary art within historic contexts. 

For more information, please visit our website. McClain Gallery is an ADAA member. 

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