2 Dec 2020

Light Boxed: Robert Calafiore with Catherine D. Anspon

A night with artist Robert Calafiore in conversation with critic and author for Paper City Magazine, Catherine Anspon. Robert discusses the motivations for the work from his 10-year project about a family collection of glass objects, as well as his return to making a new figurative series.

23 Nov 2020

Four x Five with Galerie Droste

An introduction to the work of four artists: Brian Robertson, Lydia Maria Pfeffer, Akos Ezer, and Willehad Eilers.

20 Nov 2020

Q&A with Thomas Gleaner

Thomas Gleaner, artist, curator and cultural leader, has been collaborating with SOCO Gallery since its inception. A longtime resident of Charlotte and active participant in the city's arts and cultural community, Thomas curated Kindred: Photographers Focus on Family at SOCO Gallery in 2016. The exhibition brought together artists, including Linda Foard Roberts, Sally Mann and Carolyn DeMeritt, who examined life-affirming roles through the medium of fine art photography. His solo exhibition at SOCO in 2018 explored the intersection between language and visual communication in a series of mixed media paintings and sculptures that interrogated the power and limitations of the written word.

The artist's new paintings exhibited on Four x Five represent the inherent vulnerability of language that is susceptible to spin, manipulation, obfuscation, and misinterpretation. Thomas gathers lists of idioms, aphorisms, proverbs, or sage advice from literature, philosophy, religion, and his own writings. Select quotes are transcribed in layers onto prepared canvases in an intuitive, entangled manner so as to undermine any meaning or value the wise refrains may have to offer

19 Nov 2020

Tour of Australian artist Huseyin Sami’s exhibition at Taubert Contemporary

Artworks available on Culture Place in Taubert Contemporary's viewing room.

18 Nov 2020

3D virtual walkthrough through Markus Linnenbrink’s most recent exhibition, IWANNABEWHEREYOUARE at Taubert Contemporary

3D virtual walkthrough through Markus Linnenbrink’s most recent exhibition‚ IWANNABEWHEREYOUARE a Taubert Contemporary

18 Nov 2020

Her Nature: Elizabeth Magill

Elizabeth Magill discusses an exhibition of small paintings executed during the lockdown. 

17 Nov 2020

Conversation between Markus Linnnenbrink and Thomas Taubert

Conversation between Markus Linnnenbrink and Thomas Taubert

16 Nov 2020

Interview by Romy Hansford-Gerber with Huseyin Sami

Interview by Romy Hansford-Gerber with Huseyin Sami. Romy Hansford-Gerber, is an Australian freelance writer, based in Berlin and writer of the press release of the current exhibition at the gallery: Huseyin Sami, matter and colour, Taubert Contemporary, Berlin, Germany, 7 Nov 2020 - 30

2 Nov 2020

Guest Curator: Christine Starkman, Whatever returns from oblivion returns to find a voice

Christine Starkman discusses her curated selection on Culture Place.

Catherine Anspon, executive editor of PaperCity Magazine, in conversation with contemporary art curator Christine Starkman. When the poet laureate Louise Gluck wrote "Whatever returns from oblivion returns to find a voice" in the poem Wild Iris, the text, perhaps, reflects an artist's voice and process of visualizing and materializing ideas to dimensional spaces. Starkman discusses her selection of ten artworks as seen through the lens of Gluck’s poem, touching on artworks by Alex Katz, Theresa Chong, David Aylsworth, Julian Opie, and more.

20 Oct 2020

NLFA | Sara Carter Talks with Nancy Littlejohn

Sara Carter engages in a lively conversation about her latest show at Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art entitled "Lit With Color." She discusses her inspiration, process, and relationship with color.

13 Oct 2020

Chuck Ramirez: Metaphorical Portraits

Patricia Ruiz-Healy, of Ruiz-Healy Art, and art collector Cynthia Toles discuss the life and work of Chuck Ramirez. Moderated by Catherine Anspon, executive editor of PaperCity Magazine.

13 Oct 2020

Michael O'Keefe: Take a Second Look

Michael O'Keefe speaks about his sculpture Take a Second Look from the exhibition "On Being Human". 

9 Oct 2020

In-Depth with Artist Kathy Lovas

Join Liliana Bloch, founder of Liliana Bloch gallery, in conversation with conceptual artist Kathy Lovas for a deep dive into her current exhibition and career-long investigation into the ontology of photography.

5 Oct 2020

Mara Held Studio Tour

Mara Held Studio Tour, Summer 2020

Mara Held is known for energetic yet delicate paintings on linen and paper depicting lyrical organic forms in vibrant colors. She uses intricately cut stencils for some patterns that evoke varied sources from plant life growing on ancient forest floors or pelagic forms found in coral reefs to Japanese woodcuts and Psychedelic posters. Held’s preferred medium is egg tempera, a painstaking technique mastered by Renaissance painters. Carter Foster, deputy director of the Blanton Museum, explains “It’s not a medium where you can sling the paint around. You can see the precision of Mara’s work even though the forms are not hard edged.”

5 Oct 2020

Conversation Conduits: W. Tucker in conversation with Heyd Fontenot

Conversation Conduits: W. Tucker in conversation with Heyd Fontenot

Conduit Gallery artists interview each other. 

30 Sep 2020

PaperCity: 14 Artworks to Covet From Culture Place — Innovative Online Marketplace Makes Art Accessible

14 Artworks to Covet From Culture Place — Innovative Online Marketplace Makes Art Accessible
Unique Talents on a Unique Venue

29 Sep 2020


Andrés Ferrandis Interview with Ruiz-Healy Art

16 Sep 2020


Ricky Armendariz Interview with Ruiz-Healy Art

9 Sep 2020


Q&A with Dan Sutherland
Location: Austin, TX
Works available from: Moody Gallery

1 Sep 2020


Q&A with Nancy Littlejohn, Founder and Owner, Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art

19 Aug 2020


Name: Jonathan Seliger
Location:  New York, NY
Works available from: McClain Gallery


12 Aug 2020


Name: Kelly O'Connor
Location:  San Antonio, TX
Works available from: David Shelton Gallery

7 Aug 2020

Collecting the Texas Landscape: Jennifer Klos with artists Jules Buck Jones and Billy Hassell

Join art advisor Jennifer Klos for a conversation and virtual studio visits with artists. Inspired by nature, both artists capture the flora and fauna of Texas in different ways, reflecting landscape as a recognizable subject matter but with a unique approach to the pictorial space. Art collectors and art historians have looked to landscape as an important theme since the late sixteenth century, and today, twenty-first century landscape painting is thriving.

Works featured:

Jules Buck Jones, Conduit Gallery

Billy Hassell, William Campbell Contemporary Art

3 Aug 2020

Margaret Meehan interviewed by Maja Ruznic

Conversation Conduits
Conduit Gallery artists interview each other

31 Jul 2020

Interview and studio visit with Simón Vega

An interview with international artist, Simón Vega, to discuss his practice in the midst of facing current events. This interview will highlight commonalities and differences between countries and will serve as a window into the Salvadorian experience. Simón joins us from his studio in El Salvador.

Simón Vega creates drawings, objects, sculptural installations and happenings inspired in local markets, self-made-architecture and vendor carts found in the streets and beaches of Central America. His sculptures are Third World replicas of the sophisticated capsules and satellites developed by NASA and the Soviet Space Program during the 'Space Race', however, they are assembled with found materials, they include transmutable elements, colored lights and live plants. The series titled Tropical Space Proyectos comments on the effects of the Cold War in contemporary El Salvador and Central America. In other works the artist parodies Mayan pyramids, Modernism's iconic buildings and contemporary surveillance systems, creating an ironic and humorous fusion between first and third worlds. 

29 Jul 2020

Conversation with artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk: identity, women and the future of art

Join Ruiz-Healy Art's associate director, Patti Ruiz-Healy, and artist Jennifer Ling Datchuk for a conversation followed by a Q and A discussing identity, women and the future of art in our current cultural and political landscape.

"My work has always dealt with identity, with the sense of being in-between, an imposter, neither fully Chinese nor Caucasian. I have learned to live with the constant question about my appearance: “What are you?" - Jennifer Ling Datchuk

25 Jul 2020

Nancy Littlejohn in conversation with artist Cruz Ortiz


Cruz Ortiz lives and works in San Antonio, Texas and uses painting, print, sculpture, drawing, and public activation to address issues related to his experiences growing up in the bicultural landscape of South Texas.

24 Jul 2020

Brandon Zech in Conversation with Celia Eberle

Join Brandon Zech, Publisher of Glasstire, for a lively and insightful conversation with CWFA artist, Celia Eberle. With a cult-like following, Celia Eberle explores our relationship with the subconscious self, and in turn, with nature. She fearlessly employs a limitless number of mediums—from carving bone, to drawing in her own blood, to creating mechanical animatronics, and more.

24 Jul 2020

Virtual Tour with Galleri Urbane and Special Guest Benjamin Terry

Join Galleri Urbane's owner and Director Ree Willaford alongside Director of Exhibitions Adrian Zuniga as they share insight on artworks and artists in their inaugural Culture Place exhibition. Dallas artist Benjamin Terry will also join to discuss his new work on the platform and his recent online exhibition with the gallery. Recorded on 7/23/20

23 Jul 2020

Studio visit and Q&A with artist Riley Holloway

Join Erin Cluley Gallery for a virtual studio visit and Q&A with artist Riley Holloway. Listen and watch as Holloway and gallery owner Erin Cluley have a candid conversation about how he got started, who his mentors are, studio practice versus public art, and how the current Black Lives Matter conversation is affecting his work. 

15 Jul 2020

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art (The Loft) Pride Performance (2020)

Originally presented at the Leslie-Lohman Museum virtual Pride celebration on Sunday, June 28, 2020! Filmed at Guthrie Green Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Visit Sean Horton (Presents) to view works by Kalup Linzy.

15 Jul 2020

David Gilbert in conversation with Nic Nicosia

12.26 and Erin Cluley Gallery present, David Gilbert in conversation with Nic Nicosia. Neighboring galleries 12.26 and Erin Cluley Gallery bring together artists David Gilbert and Nic Nicosia for a conversation in conjunction with the recent launch of Culture Place. Coming from different generations but similar perspectives in their approach to making photographs, Gilbert and Nicosia will come together for a lively and candid dialogue.

9 Jul 2020

Dallas Art Fair Launches Digital Marketplace Culture Place, Inc.

(Dallas, TX - July 9, 2020) - Today, the Dallas Art Fair has launched Culture Place, Inc., a digital marketplace for contemporary art collectors to discover, connect, and buy from galleries across the region, which will be augmented with weekly artist studio visits, conversations, and other online programming.

9 Jul 2020

From the Studio: József Csató

Presented by Galleri Urbane

Artist József Csató checks in from his Budapest studio. Watch as he shares some brief insight into his practice and recent online exhibition The Right Rituals at Galleri Urbane.