Her Nature: Elizabeth Magill

MAGILL_2020_KERLIN from Kerlin Gallery on Vimeo.

‘Her Nature’ is an exhibition of small paintings executed during the lockdown by Elizabeth Magill in her studio in rural County Antrim.

“I painted these paintings over the lockdown period because normally I work and live in London. Over the last seven odd years or so, my partner and I have been managing some farmland on the Antrim coast. It’s a beautiful location, and we have planted five thousand indigenous trees as kind of a small nod in relation to where we are ecologically, but as the lockdown kicked in, it was the only place I wanted to be, among nature and the grown woodland, and to see the birds and the sea. So, these particular paintings came out of this time. They were a nod to nature but also a kind of lament to the strange times we were living in. They are also an attempt to suggest a kind of beauty; a beauty of distance and maybe a kind of passing of time, and a lament for that which we can’t really understand. But I’m hoping that with the way I have painted them that there is an ease with the gesture which suggests a healing, or a rest.”

Elizabeth Magill

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