Featuring a curated selection of works by artists represented by Moody Gallery.

Moody Gallery opened in 1975 and exhibits work by contemporary American artists. The emphasis has always been on artists living and working in Texas, as well as artists who have a strong connection to Texas. The gallery is interested in a wide range of artistic ideas and in showing all media. Many of the artists represented are recognized on a national (and in some cases, international) level; however, the gallery also represents mid-career and emerging artists. The gallery is committed to showing the best work possible from this region and putting the work in context with established artists from other parts of the country.

  • LocationHouston, Texas
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Jim Love
Plowed Bear, 1972
Available: $18,000
Melissa Miller
Mongoose, 2012
Available: $30,000
Al Souza
Doubting Thomas, 1989
Available: $30,000
Helen Altman
Nest 49, 2020
Available: $1,500
Page Kempner
Shear, 2016
Available: $5,000
Gael Stack
Untitled (for George Bunker), 1993
Available: $20,000
Sarah Williams
Scott Avenue, 2020
Available: $3,600
MANUAL (Ed Hill / Suzanne Bloom)
Monet, 2013
Available: $9,000
Bethany Johnson
Untitled (Safe Keeping), 2020
Available: $3,000
Randy Twaddle
Add This To The List of The Things That Work, 2016
Available: $2,100
Jean Carruthers Wetta
Strawberries, 2018
Available: $3,200
Dan Sutherland
Conjugative, 2013
Available: $18,000
Pat Colville
Other Skies and Earth, 2020
Available: $16,000
Tracye Wear
Golden Mango Seed Vessel, 2018
Available: $3,500
James Drake
Big Mouth, 2017
Available: $18,000
Michael Kennaugh
Big Wave, 2020
Available: $25,000
Andrea Rosenberg
Untitled, 2016
Available: $4,500
Liz Ward
Ghosts of the Old Mississippi: Issaquena County (Muddy Waters), 2019
Available: $10,000
Dornith Doherty
Millennium Seed Bank Research Seedlings and Lochner-Stuppy Test Garden No. 4, 2011
Available: $12,000
Claire Ankenman
Hope, 2019
Available: $6,000