Galleri UrbanePeace, Love & Hope

For Peace, Love & Hope, Galleri Urbane brings together the work of three woman artists. Utilizing an abstract approach, each artist creates work that encourages an introspective experience to inspire moments of reflection. B. Chehayeb (Brooklyn, NY) paints gestural pieces on paper, panel, and canvas that serve as visual diaries for recalled memories and experiences. Images alongside stories and writings partner to develop a dialogue that is primarily concerned with nostalgia’s mysterious and transfiguring power. Iren Tete (Gainesville, FL) creates ceramic and porcelain sculptures that meditate on the magical potential found in spaces where logic leaves gaps. Tete invites viewers to reflect on these circumstances through a poetic implementation of color, form, surface and space. Anna Kunz (Chicago, IL) constructs immersive, painting-based installations from suspended translucent materials, wall paintings and works on canvas. In the paintings on canvas, Kunz delicately layers paint in a way that mimics the interactions of colored light. 

Please feel free to contact the gallery directly with any questions or to request a list of additional available work by any of the artists found below.

Galleri Urbane has been promoting the work of contemporary artists since 2000. With a location in Marfa from 2003-2019, the gallery has maintained its primary exhibition space in Dallas since 2009. Its program champions emerging artists who are getting their start in the field alongside well-established artists whose work can be found in prestigious private and public collections around the world. Through its exhibitions, the gallery advocates for fresh approaches to painting, mixed-media, sculpture, photography, and genre-defying artworks. Galleri Urbane ultimately seeks to connect its artists with all levels of collectors through a wide range of visually and intellectually stimulating art objects.

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