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“My weavings are meant to give people hope, to give people comfort, and to inspire and challenge people to think deeper and do more.” 

--Jana Vander Lee

Jana Vander Lee is an American artist-weaver who came out of the craft-heavy regional guild system. She successfully integrated her tapestries into the male-dominated fine art scene in Houston starting in the late 1960s and her work was widely exhibited in the region during this time. Comprising large and medium scale tapestries, her work was inspired by her early life in the Dutch Calvinist church, travels to the American Southwest to study Navajo weaving, and her deep knowledge of the American Fiber Arts tradition through self-education. An artist, writer, curator and community organizer, Vander Lee was instrumental in organizing important exhibitions that introduced fiber art into the mainstream fine art scene in Houston into the 1980s. The artist suffered eyesight problems in the mid-90s but has recently recovered, allowing her to begin her practice anew. 

Vander Lee’s woven abstractions reference deeply personal, symbolic themes. The titles allude to an iconography that is at once both personal and universal, meant to inspire peace, love and hope in the viewer.


About Inman Gallery: Founded in 1990 with an emphasis on artists living in Houston and the region, Inman Gallery has since cultivated an internationally recognized program that represents contemporary artists from the region, nationally, and abroad. The gallery takes an active approach in supporting artists from the early stages of their careers into national and international recognition; the gallery is equally active in its local community. Education, community engagement, and a long-term commitment to artists form the core of the gallery’s mission. Celebrating the gallery's 30th anniversary this fall, we welcome visitors by appointment.

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