Ruiz-Healy ArtActs of Appearance and Disappearance

The artist selected in this presentation have the common thread of visual poetry abstracting language and producing visual commentaries on contemporary culture and societal investments.

In Amado’s latest body of work, Widespread Rumors of Dystopia, the figures create the various shaped landscapes inhabited by people. Above and throughout are dark forces such as a virus. The figures were made from a stamp and red ink the artist acquired while in South Korea for the Gwangju Biennial in 1997. In WOKE, Amado composes brilliant geometric shapes around the foundation of a word often explored in his practice, "woke," in reference to public awareness of current affairs and socio-political injustices.

Working within the borders of geometry, Cecilia Biagini explores the properties and relations between abstraction and construction, appearance and disappearance, lines, and surfaces, as well as form and structure.

Leigh Anne Lester's work investigates the birth of genetic modification and its repercussions. In her work, she uses meticulous layering and collaging to mimic the distorting effect of genetic modification

Ethel Shipton’s sculptural piece, Listen, invites us to do just that. As the artist says, “at one point, one must stop and listen. Shipton has focused her research on visual information and the powerful narratives that can be created of freedom, unification, and community.

Chuck Ramirez's photographic subjects are often "low" or common objects that are recast in high-culture style. Shot from overhead the objects are isolated at the center of a white, shadowless ground, a format he continued to use throughout his career. Regardless of subject, Ramirez’s images are devoid of human inhabitants, yet filled with humanity and hope.


With galleries in San Antonio and New York City, Ruiz-Healy Art specializes in contemporary works of art with an emphasis on Latinx and Latin American artists, as well as working with prominent Texas-based artists. Ruiz-Healy Art features 6-8 exhibitions a year, often accompanied by fully illustrated catalogs and has done so since 2006. 

The gallery is proud to be the exclusive representative of the Estate of Chuck Ramirez. As member dealers of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA), Ruiz-Healy Art demonstrates a high level of expertise and adheres to a strict code of conduct with professional integrity. The gallery has participated at the IFPDA Fine Print Fair, every year since 2015, Frieze, New York, ZonaMaco, Mexico City, Volta NY Art Fair, and The Dallas Art Fair, among others.

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