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Thomas Gleaner's new paintings attempt to convey wisdom and knowledge skipping like stones across one’s consciousness. Utilizing color and form, the works represent the inherent vulnerability of language itself, which is susceptible to spin, manipulation, obfuscation, and misinterpretation.

Gleaner initiates his process by gathering lists of idioms, aphorisms, proverbs, or sage advice from literature, philosophy, religion, and his own writings. Select quotes are transcribed in layers onto prepared canvases in an intuitive, entangled manner so as to undermine any meaning or value these wise refrains may have to offer.

As the inherent nature of humans remains impulsive and fallible, these works may illuminate one's unconscious reluctance to convert rational awareness into a more positive and sustainable life practice. They examine humanity's enduring unwillingness to heed the wise counsel of life lessons compiled throughout the ages. In this Information Age, we have the benefit of wisdom and knowledge, but to what end?

Southern Comfort Gallery (SOCO) is a contemporary art space and bookshop based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The gallery provides a thoughtful platform for contemporary art to be experienced, discussed, and acquired. SOCO Gallery produces exhibitions and represents artists working locally, nationally, and internationally at the highest levels. The gallery specializes in assisting private collectors, institutions, and corporations to build their collections with museum-quality artworks, from emerging to established artists. Community engagement and education are central to the mission of the gallery. Each exhibition includes artist talks, book signings, and related programming. SOCO Gallery and bookshop is centrally located in a renovated 1920’s bungalow in historic Myers Park.

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