Valley House Gallery & Sculpture GardenON BEING HUMAN

Valley House Gallery is pleased to present an online version of our exhibition "On Being Human."

These last months have reminded us of the importance of our basic humanity and the inherent value of others. After isolating, we felt a need to be surrounded by people—hence this invitational exhibition about people seen through the artist’s eye. In addition to Valley House artists, we have invited figurative artists whom we admire to participate:

Deborah Ballard, Vera Barnett, Lu Ann Barrow, Peter Bonner, Curt Brill, Lloyd Brown, Jerry Bywaters, Sean Cairns, Jeanne Campbell, Lindy Chambers, John Cobb, Brian Cobble, Robert D. Cocke, Carol A. Cook, Laurie Hickman Cox, Lee Baxter Davis, Laurence Edwards, David Everett, Max Ferguson, Barnaby Fitzgerald, Scott Gentling, Miles Cleveland Goodwin, Ira Greenberg, Jimmy Hill, William Eric Horsbrugh-Porter, Otis Huband, Sedrick Huckaby, Anita Huffington, Kathryn Keller, Sirena LaBurn, Emily LaCour, Rudolf Sotelo Lailson, Jungeun Lee, Laurie Lipton, Jun-Cheng Liu, William B. Montgomery, Philip Morsberger, Fred Nagler, Trish Nickell, Gail Norfleet, Michael O’Keefe, Luke Sides, Hadar Sobol, Ellen Soderquist, Everett Spruce, Earl Stroh, Bob Stuth-Wade, James Surls, Chaco Terada, Valton Tyler, Mary Vernon, Donald S. Vogel, Amy Werntz, Jim Woodson, and Miguel Zapata.

This exhibition is held in memory of Lu Ann Barrow (1934–2020). Her paintings enriched our lives with uplifting parables on being human.

All works are available to see in person.

"On Being Human" is on view every Monday through Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm, through October 31.

Masks are required.

Please call 972-239-2441 or email gallery @ for further information.

We will be adding video interviews and written statements from our artists for the duration of this exhibition - so please check back!


About Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden:

Founded in 1954 by Peggy and Donald Vogel, Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden is located in its original North Dallas location (on Spring Valley Road between Preston and Hillcrest.) Second generation owners Cheryl and Kevin Vogel, along with Director Laura Green, represent established and emerging contemporary artists working in inventive ways with traditional media. Sculpture is on view throughout the 4+ acre garden. In addition, the gallery offers 19th and 20th century American and European art, as well as significant Early Texas works. The gallery has promoted artists internationally for over 60 years through curating exhibitions, showing in art fairs, publishing scholarly catalogues, and placing fine art in private and museum collections.

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Amy Werntz
Marjorie, 2018
Available: $6,200
Hadar Sobol
a blink of existence, 2015-2016
Available: $2,800
Miles Cleveland Goodwin
The Addict, 2018
Available: $3,400
Gail Norfleet
The Painting Class, 2009
Available: $7,200
Vera Barnett
Rose Colored Glasses (after The Blind Leading the Blind by Pieter Bruegel the Elder), 2009
Available: $9,000
Michael O'Keefe
Take a Second Look, 2020
Available: $3,800
Lloyd Brown
Highway Altarpiece: “The Child Is Father of the Man”; from Kingston, Ontario, Canada to Holden, Utah; U.S. Highway 50, 2019
Available: $4,200
Deborah Ballard
Not-So-Perfect World IV, 2019
Available: $65,000
Carol A. Cook
Wet, 2018
Available: $2,500
Sean Cairns
Reservoir, 2020
Available: $4,800
David Everett
Coryphee, 2018
Available: $20,000
Luke Sides
Smokey², 2016
Available: $3,500
Miguel Zapata
Camera degli Sposi, 1995
Available: $20,000
Brian Cobble
East on Canal, 2016
Available: $18,500
Lindy Chambers
Home Alone, 2020
Available: $5,250
Fred Nagler
Mother and Child, 1959
Available: $12,000
Sedrick Huckaby
Little D, 2005
Available: $42,000
Barnaby Fitzgerald
Baobabel (Les Maisons Dures), 2020
Available: $60,000
Anita Huffington
Dark Moonrise, 2003
Available: $24,000
Lu Ann Barrow
Big Snake, 1989
Available: $4,500