Margaret Meehan interviewed by Maja Ruznic

Margaret Meehan interviewed by Maja Ruznic from Conduit Gallery on Vimeo.

Conversation Conduits
Conduit Gallery artists interview each other
April 2020

With images culled from history and literature, Margaret Meehan's delicately handles a variety of media ranging from photography to sculpture, installation and sound. Her carefully choreographed works let innocence collide with the monstrous, evoking race, gender, and empathy for otherness.

Working with oil on canvas, Maja Ruznic’s latest pictures verge on total abstraction, yet upon inspection, figures emerge, seemingly wandering through unnamed landscapes. Ruznic describes the process of composing each image as conjuring a memory and the redeeming of essential details as she paints with “the drunken hand”, an intuitive impulse that knows something the artist may not. This looseness of intention allows Ruznic to start with the  lightest of stains on canvas or the manipulation of small fabric scraps until a face feels familiar. Applying thin layers of oil pigment onto the canvas with soft bristled make-up brushes allows Ruznic to leave the weave of the canvas exposed, displaying its organic nature and allowing for a sense of breath from the substrate.

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