Barbara Davis Gallery is pleased to announce Flying Fast Forward, Eduardo Portillo's first solo-exhibition at Barbara Davis Gallery.

Portillo’s work leads a negotiation between a borderline and the exterior of the pictorial plane, realizing his desire to deviate from the rectilinear into real space. ​Portillo’s latest work might be the apotheosis of his mestiza aesthetic, insofar as he’s condensed his idiom through a progression that can be mistaken by radical minimalism when studied up-close the work is an actual manifestation of what the artist defines as the new American Baroque

The way Portillo's work moves toward a further streamlined sensibility allows for his pieces to focus more effectively on the concept of borderlines, the complexity of the structure of the work, and his material ingenuity. The juxtaposition that is established between what is considered painting and what is categorized as a sculptural work, subverts the allotted space each is normally given. In this way, his work breathes life into these ordinarily lifeless areas, celebrating the tension between implied capacity and imposed boundary.

For 39 years, Barbara Davis Gallery has brought groundbreaking contemporary art to Houston.  Driven by her intuitive sensibilities and perennially fresh vision, Barbara Davis has championed a generation of significant contemporary artists. In the process she has challenged a generation of art collectors, both seasoned and aspiring, to see the beauty and value in their work through dialogs and panel discussions with prominent museum curators and artists from across genres.  She has launched the careers of international artists such as Julie Mehretu, one of the most important contemporary artists of our time, and Mie Olise  Kjærgaard, a rising star from Denmark discovered in a Saatchi Sensations exhibition, having given Mehretu her first gallery exhibition and Olise her first U.S. exhibition. She was also one of the first to bring to Houston the influential names of Joseph Beuys, Kiki Smith, Jonathan Borofsky, Allan McCollum, and Gilbert & George among many others.  She brought progressive international exhibitions such as Leipzig Select, artists from the New Leipzig School, and exhibitions for Beijing East Village artists Zhang Huan and Li Wei.  Barbara Davis Gallery was one of the first Texas galleries to be included in the influential and prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach art fair.  The gallery’s exhibitions have been reviewed in international publications such as ArtForum, Art in America, Art News, Flash Art International, The Art Economist, and The New York Times among many others.  Her passion for exhibiting innovative contemporary art and her commitment to educating her collectors and the community has driven the focus of the gallery for 39 years.