Bill ArningLove (Maybe) and Peace (Possibly) but always Hope

Bill Arning Exhibitons just transformed from a roving curatorial project to a bricks andf mortar space in the Montrose area of Houston, the artistic spiritual home for the city. For the theme of Peace Hope and Love I am showing the itimate word based pieces rooted in simultniously humorous and poignant social commentary by Chicago Based Eris Stefanski, The media future glow of Michael St John's Democracy paintings and the fortitude of a deep spiritual path manifested in Alfonse Borysewicz's constructed paintings.


Bill Arning has done everything with contemporary art but make it. As a curator, critic, museum director, advisor, lecturer, grant maker, dealer, gallerist and collector, Bill Arning Exhibitions curatorial project space will give the fullest expression to his vision for what art can do to our hearts, minds and souls.