SITE131SITE131: JEREMIAH ONIFADÉ: surreal figures

SITE131 welcomes the New Year introducing a young Nigerian American artist now living in Dallas in his first solo exhibition, JEREMIAH ONIFADÉ:  surreal figures.  Capturing what he keenly remembers from his native country, Onifadé’s narrative paintings serve as charming stories about the life he left.  A singular, elegant, and dancelike figure strides across the canvas in a world all her/his own.  The art viewer then has the chance to unravel the narrative while observing the lightly touched figures appearing almost from another planet.

Artist Jeremiah Onifadé is a storyteller.  He’s inventing characters that are totally original to him, carrying on narratives that play out his memories.  His charming figures seem to wink at the viewer while hiding little details about his personal histories.  These delightful, outer space mutations take us to another world, a perfect experience for entering the New Year.

Nonprofit artspace SITE131 proposes as its core pursuit to spotlight the concept of pairing — presenting new art from America and abroad side-by-side with new works by Texas artists. By coupling bright, mostly young talents who deal with similar issues, the art audience sees novel connections and finds a unique context for understanding contemporary art in new ways.

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