Valley House Gallery & Sculpture GardenSummer Dialogues

Valley House Gallery is pleased to participate in this inaugural iteration of Culture Place.

The side-by-side format presents an opportunity to pair works that speak to one another in various ways - through composition, palette, subject, or even a feeling.  Summer is a time to rethink, regroup, and in particular this summer, understand things in new ways.  So we cast a fresh eye at recent works by our contemporary artists, as well as a few earlier works, and discovered these interesting dialogues.

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden is open by appointment this summer. All works are available to see in person. Please call 972-239-2441 or contact us below to schedule your appointment.

We will be adding dialogue from our artists through videos and written statements for the duration of this online exhibition - so please check back!

About Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden:

Founded in 1954 by Peggy and Donald Vogel, Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden is located in its original North Dallas location (on Spring Valley Road between Preston and Hillcrest.) Second generation owners Cheryl and Kevin Vogel, along with Director Laura Green, represent established and emerging contemporary artists working in inventive ways with traditional media. Sculpture is on view throughout the 4+ acre garden. In addition, the gallery offers 19th and 20th century American and European art, as well as significant Early Texas works. The gallery has promoted artists internationally for over 60 years through curating exhibitions, showing in art fairs, publishing scholarly catalogues, and placing fine art in private and museum collections.


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David A. Dreyer
Quilted Dream, Clear Passage, Through Needle's Eye, Dance of Night, 2017
Available: $11,000
Hadar Sobol
Sail No. 1, 2019
Available: $2,500
Bob Stuth-Wade
Buck Point, Morning, 2018
Available: $2,800
Alex Corno
Delta, 2011
Available: $20,000
Lloyd Brown
Ingalls US-50 Eastbound Rest Area, Kansas, U.S. Highway 50, 2020
Available: $4,000
David Collins
Day Shift, 2018
Available: $6,500
Otis Huband
The Meeting, 2020
Available: $11,000
Jason Mehl
Vestige IX, 2020
Available: $2,800
Mary Vernon
Brass Jar with Canyon, 2020
Available: $10,000
Henry Finkelstein
Pauline and Alan's House, 2019
Available: $16,500
Barnaby Fitzgerald
Baobabel (Les Maisons Dures), 2020
Available: $60,000
Sedrick Huckaby
Mary, Mary-Lu, Missionary Parker, 2013
Available: $38,000
Brian Cobble
Gonzales Street, 2018
Available: $15,000
Miguel Zapata
Untitled, 1973/2011
Available: $40,000
Anne C. Weary
The Buck, 2020
Available: $2,200
Miles Cleveland Goodwin
Red Earth, 2019
Available: $3,200
Michael O'Keefe
Full of Abandon, Full of Grace, 2018
Available: $7,400
Malou Flato
Palm, 2018
Available: $15,000
Jim Woodson
Unfolding Temporal Manifestation, 2019
Available: $8,000
Lindy Chambers
I saw this, 2020
Available: $4,000